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Happening right now in Las Vegas... LDI

17th Nov 2017

So this is happening in Las Vegas at this very moment... LDI is kicking! Let us tell you a bit more about our fantastic solutions and where to find them...

First of all, our MediaMaster training sessions with Benjamin are going on as we speak and we're streaming some of them LIVE on our Facebook Page.
Secondly, you can spot our MediaMaster 5.1 at booth #2715 in the amazing fixture grid by the people from ADJ. Pixelmapping at the Highest Level!
You can also go to booth #2315 and talk to one of the Elation hosts about our solutions.
And finally, don't forget to stop by booth #2160, where A.C. Lighting are presenting some nice new fixtures as well as the ArKaos Solutions and how to use them.  
Make the most out of your visit if you are there... or follow the updates on our social channels.