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New Changes in ArKaos' MediaMaster 5.1

26th Sep 2017

The latest version of ArKaos’ MediaMaster 5.1 will be available to users to download starting today.

The software includes three major changes to help users optimise their performances including improved Video Mapper, Kling-Force LED compatibility and an improved version of the LED Mapper.

1. Video Mapper Improvements

The new Video Mapper in MediaMaster 5.1, includes now the Geometric Correction and Soft-Edge.

Canvas size can be customised to provide better control of the rendering resolutions.

2. Kling-Force LED Compatible with MediaMaster 5.1

ArKaos’ MediaMaster 5.1 is now compatible with Kling-Force LED interface.

The Kling-Force LED has 8 outputs with up to 400 pixels per output and supports the most popular LED strips on the market.

3. LED Mapper Improvements

The new LED Mapper provides to the users better access to work on large installations.

The update includes enhanced unicasting support and up to 4K pixels mapping on hundreds of universes.


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