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By ArKaos Team
on 03 Sep 2009 12:00 AM
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We’re pleased to announce the release of MediaMaster 1.1 with major improvements pushing the boundaries of professional video projection another step further

Designed specifically with the show and lighting market in mind, MediaMaster1.1 now comes with improved frame blending support allowing extremely smooth video playback even at slow speeds and software genlock making it possible to play several HD movies at up to 60 fps without dropping a single frame.

Other new developments include higher possible output resolution (up to 4096 px), Alpha Channel from source, support for grandMA’s MA-eDMX protocol, improved SoftEdge blending and more..

If you want all the details, we’ve got a nice Press Release for you. And if you just want to use it, it’s here and it’s a free upgrade for MediaMaster 1.0 users.

Finally – in order to make this announcement a little more attractive – here’s a QuickTime with some extracts from the Australian Idol TV show, they’re already using MediaMaster 1.1 running on 2 MacPro servers to drive the visuals on the stage. It’s a compilation of videos found on sharing web sites (hence the quality..)

MediaMaster has become a very popular media server software for TV stages because of its handy content library system that can accomodate up to 60.000 visuals and because it’s a very easy solution to have the control on both the visuals from the walls and all the lighting equipment from a single DMX console.

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