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By ArKaos Team
on 24 Sep 2009 12:00 AM
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The September 2009 issue of PLSN features a long article about MediaMaster and the ArKaos Media Servers written by Vickie Claiborne, lighting designer, programmer and training specialist for consoles and media servers.

For those who never heard about Vickie, here are some highlights about her background and experience; Vickie has been developing training programs recognized worldwide for lighting control consoles and digital media systems. She has created and maintained a consistent training curriculum for many products from leading manufacturers, including Maxxyz, grandMa, ChamSys, Wholehog2 and Wholehog3.

Over the years she has been actively working as consultant for many leading industry names such as High End Systems, Martin or PRG. Claiborne’s programming experience includes the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony as well as numerous live concerts, broadcast events, and corporate industrials.

And last but not least, Vickie is the Lighting Programmer from the Emmy Award winning lighting team for CNN 2008 Presidential Debates.

In her article, after briefly presenting ArKaos she writes about the MediaMaster software itself and the ArKaos Media Servers, explaining the main features and detailing what’s new in version 1.1., finally concluding with the following:


Easy to Use

What has impressed me about MediaMaster from the first time I opened the application up to today is how user friendly and intuitive the application is.  Any programmer with a basic idea of how to select a fixture and manipulate a channel can very quickly build a great look.  Give that same programmer an hour or two with the software, and they can build many complicated looking images that would take hours in a video rendering software application.  I specifically like that the software runs on just about any current Mac or PC, and that ArKaos now has a hardware solution for pro touring applications.

ArKaos MediaMaster is a powerful, easy-to-use and downloadable media server at an amazingly affordable price.  The software has been completely redesigned so that lighting designers and productions of all sizes can utilize the power and flexibility of this media server when looking to incorporate video into a show.


Vickie clearly highlights in her conclusion the most important aspects we like to put forward about our products: ease of use, performance and affordability.

We at ArKaos have always had the feeling that our show and lighting products are not known enough in the USA, and with such an article from someone like Vickie this is clearly starting to change!

For further information about Vickie you may visit her website at vickieclaiborne.com.

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