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By ArKaos Team
on 15 Oct 2009 12:00 AM
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Note: This is also valid for MediaMaster and NuVJ
A post by Guest Author VJ Ecin (Ben Guerrette), find more about him at the end of this article..

Here’s my second tutorial showing how to take advantage of the Flash capabilities within ArKaos GrandVJ. This one covers the creation of dynamic text visuals. I’ll go explain how to tap into the “statement” variable within Flash so you can create your own text based clips.

I’ll also touch on the “duration” and “position” variables, which if used properly, allow playback speed adjustment of code based animations. We’ll be using some basic ActionScript 2.0 that’s a little more advanced than the previous tutorial.. Note that it will also work for NuVJ and MediaMaster since the variables are the same.

You can download the final .fla and .swf files here or follow along the video tutorial below.

About the author: VJ Ecin (Ben Guerrette):

Ben Guerrette is an interactive motion graphics designer and VJ from Los Angeles, he has developed audio-reactive Flash animations that comes bundled with GrandVJ and NuVJ. He is also the founder of TriggerMotion, a portal for sharing and trading of Flash visuals.

Ben is spending a lot of time making these cool tutorials, if you like them, let him know and spread the word! Also, be sure to check out his links below..

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