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By ArKaos Team
on 29 Jan 2010 12:00 AM
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Here’s the first beta version of MediaMaster 1.2.
It comes with support for audio and a few other new features.. more will come in further betas.

Update: The beta went fine, thanks for your feedback: we have made available the RC1 on the forums

New Features

  • Support for movie’s audio through FFMpeg and Quicktime (supports most formats). MediaMaster 1.2 comes with the new ArKaos Audio Output engine. The application will now play the audio track embedded in a movie file. We’ve added a new Audio preferences panel in which you can select your audio input and output devices, the audio output engine buffer size and its main volume volume. You can deactivate audio playback by choosing “No Audio” as output device.

?Audio format and sampling rate have been added in the Visual Info box that appears when you hover the mouse on a movie thumbnail in Media Library or in the main window:

  • New Time Reference: In MediaMaster 1.1, we introduced a new ultra smooth playback engine, synchronizing movie playback with the graphical card display (read more about this here and here). In version 1.2, you now have the choice from the Display preferences to synchronize either to the display or to the system clock. Synchronizing to System clock will make MediaMaster play content like version 1.0 did, but since we’ve now added audio playback, this setting is mandatory to get a good audio/video synchronization.

  • Support for Flash Actionscript3: the flash player has been updated to cope with AS3 (you can find more info about how to write your AS3 to work with MediaMaster here)

Please report any problem you may find with this beta in the dedicated forum topic (and not in this article’s comments please).


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