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By ArKaos Team
on 23 Aug 2012 12:00 AM
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After a few weeks of Beta Testing here is MediaMaster 3.0 RC, this release client is the last version before we ship the software for retail.


What’s new in MediaMaster 3.0?

  • Each layer can be sent individually to ArtNet / Kling-Net / video output
  • Faster frame rate with a new multi threaded decoder for MPEG 2 / H 264
  • Higher resolution, up to 8K video (8192 × 4320 pixels) with MPEG 2
  • Support for the Video Mapper extension (MediaMaster Pro)


The concept

The Video Mapper now allows to very easily work with several video cards and map visuals from MediaMaster Pro 3 on each display. In just a few clicks, you can send video to traditional displays through multiple outputs, but also deform the projected surface to adapt to irregularly shaped objects.

How does that work?

A new “Video Mapper” mode is available in the output preferences of MediaMaster.
Select "VideoMapper mode" in the output preferences Clicking on the “Edit” button, will open the current mapping in the Video Mapper application. All the visuals of MediaMaster are then routed to the Mapper and can be assigned to “Surfaces”, which you can attach to whatever display (one display can contains several surfaces). Each of these surfaces can be resized, deformed and cropped in the Mapper. The only limitation is your creativity !

From within the Video Mapper application, you can also independently setup the outputs from each of your video cards. Once all the surfaces are created, back in MediaMaster, they will all appear in the output panel of the layer. You will be able to send the content of a layer to the surface of your choice, or to LED devices.

In MediaMaster’s “Output” panel, if you click on the “Output” button you can also create groups of surfaces, which makes it really easy to manage installations involving complex multi-display arrangements.
Once your mapping is done, just close the Video Mapper application, MediaMaster will send everything through this mapping.

Other features

LED devices outputs more easy to manage

MediaMaster can now drive Video Mapper, LED Mapper and Kling-Net Mapper extensions at the same time, meaning you can now easily display different visuals on your different devices.

More playback options

Play once and freeze is a new loop mode for visuals triggered in MediaMaster. The Video is played once (forward or backward) and stop on it’s last frame.

Performances tweaks

ArKaos MediaMaster 3.0 also features a new multi-threaded video player allowing you to play up to 8k movies smoothly using today’s multi-core computers.

Release date and upgrade info

MediaMaster 3.0 should be available early September
The upgrade from MediaMaster Express 2 to MediaMaster Express 3 is free
The upgrade from MediaMaster Express 2 to MediaMaster Pro 3 (with Video Mapper) is 1300 eur
The upgrade from MediaMaster Pro 2 to MediaMaster Pro 3 (with Video Mapper) is 399 eur

The license upgrade is already available from your favourite reseller or online here so you can already use the Video Mapper with MediaMaster Pro 3 RC, your license will work with the final version when we release it. Everyone that purchased a MediaMaster Pro version 2 after June 21 have a free upgrade, their codes will work in MediaMaster 3

Comments, feedback and support

We appreciate your comments and your remarks on the blog, but for more efficiency please post bug reports and feedback about the features on the forum topic about MediaMaster 3 Beta. If you need technical support, please open a support ticket.

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