Anolis and ArKaos Announce Partnership

Announce Partnership

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Premium architectural LED lighting manufacturer Anolis and leading real-time visual processing technology provider ArKaos … announce a highly innovative collaboration which will see the two well-known and respected brands working together on several future product developments.

Anolis’s LED lighting, pixel-based fixtures and other hardware will have ArKaos’s newly launched cloud based communications protocol An-Ki embedded, meaning that the growing trend for video-mapped content being run through LED ‘media’ installations can be maintained remotely from anywhere in the world … thanks to the ArKaos cloud!

Key areas and sectors of interest and activity will include digital billboards, interactive building and facade installations, corporate, industrial and commercial sales and cultural projects.

This collaboration will result in huge benefits to lighting and media designers and concept agencies using ArKaos and Anolis.

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Anolis products


Anolis ArcDot

Excellent for large scale matrix applications due to its advanced pixel mapping capabilities, the ArcDot™ uses a Cree MC-E RGBW MultiChip with high light output that features a built-in intelligent electronic control system. This guarantees flicker free operation and overheating protection whilst remote addressing, calibration and status messaging is also included. Built to an IP67 rating ensures the unit is capable of withstanding tough weather conditions but is also perfect for a wide variety of interior installations.


Anolis ArcPix

Perfect for complex pixel mapping and media effects on structural surfaces, the ArcPix™ from Anolis is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. The plug and play electronics allow for up to 400 units to be combined with a single ArcPixel™ Power unit, giving lighting designers great flexibility to create dramatic visual effects in a variety of colours. The IP67 rating ensures the fixtures are tough enough to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, giving optimum performance for many years.

ArcSource™ Outdoor 16MC Pixel

ArcSource™ Outdoor 16MC Pixel

Deliver complete control of landscaping and structural illuminations with the Anolis Pixel driving system. Individually control each Pixel fixture to deliver stunning visual effects across a huge variety of installations. Four high power MultiChip LEDs provide over 1000 lumen output and the broad range of optic and colour variants give great variety to the scope of projects the fixtures are suitable for. The robust design and solid construction means the fixture is IP67 rated and tough enough to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

ArcSource™ Outdoor 4MC Pixel

ArcSource™ Outdoor 4MC Pixel

Create controlled, beautiful and dramatic media style effects on landscapes and facade installations with the ArcSource™ Outdoor 4MC Pixel. Each fixture can be individually controlled to alter colour, dimming and intensity to produce stunning effects. Combining high light output, multiple beam angles, precision optics and a high IP rating makes the fixtures suitable for a massive range of applications.

ArcPower™ Rack Unit Pixel

ArcPower™ Rack Unit Pixel

The ArcPower™ Rack Unit integrates the latest technology to offer even greater performance in terms of both efficiency and flexibility. Capable of producing both 48v and 28v as outputs, allows for the unit to be used globally with no power compatibility issues. The 8 outputs allow you to power fixtures efficiently and economically, especially when using pixel based fixtures.

ArcPixel™ Power

ArcPixel™ Power

Powering the full range of Pixel controlled Anolis products, the ArcPixel™ Power allows a large quantity of products to be connected simultaneously whilst Auto Addressing makes installation and set up easy. Compatible with both DMX and Art-Net protocols, the integration with media servers allows complex media programming, giving dynamic pixel control. The unit includes an integrated web interface allowing a quick overview of many settings via a connected PC. When pixel control is demanded by your project, ArcPixel™ Power provides the most effective and simple solution.