To get you started immediately, the MediaMaster software installer comes with approximately 200 Mb of video footage and animations that are ready to be mixed in your MediaMaster projects, and if you chose to take the software box, you'll also get a DVD-Rom stuffed with 4.1 GB of exclusive video footage in High Definition and Standard Definition.

All these visuals have been provided by the sources listed below, by doing so they have kindly decided to allow you to use their creations for your show; if you want more, be sure to check out their web site!

MotionLoops is the online leader in motion graphices and filmed effects reloads for video mixing software.

MotionLoops offers subscription options, lifetime free disc replacement, instant downloads & shipped DVDROMs, simple & efficient browsing, free clips emailed every single week, build-a-bundle and specials for huge savings..

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Below is a sample from some of the 18 HD videos and 35 SD videos provided by is an online video and picture platform offering an image database for digital video and still images especially tailored to meet the needs of modern show configuration and staging. offers three different formats for direct downloading after your purchase and also ship your Clips on CD/DVD if you want.

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Below is a sample from some of the 32 HD videos, 34 SD videos and 18 LED videos provided by Showfootage:

Source Visuals

Get the visuals you need to rock the show, stadium, club, theatre, house, etc..

Source Visuals is the original performance visuals label since 2001 and provides High Quality visuals, preformance license and instand downloads at a nice price.

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Below is a sample from some of the 35 SD videos provided by Source Visuals:

Mikkel Garro Martinsen / VJ Mikkel

Italian VJ of danish origin VJ Mikkel got into vjing after his studies at the italian filmschool Dams in 2002. Since then he’s continuosly sperimenting creative forms of live visual creation and communication.

VJ Mikkel has created Flash text animations and Audio-reactive Flash animations for MediaMaster

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Below is a sample from some of the 13 Audio-reactive Flash animations and 25 Flash text animations provided by VJ Mikkel: