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"Elevate Your Experience with the Power of a Dongle License !"

Since MediaMaster 4, ArKaos introduced a completely redesigned licensing system. We listened to all your requests and went through the various situations that our users are encountering to provide a solution that is very flexible and even more user-friendly.

With MediaMaster products (Pro & Express), users can easily activate a machine, either through the website or directly in the application, by entering an activation code. A license can then easily be deactivated from one machine and moved to another machine, an unlimited number of times.

The new licensing system also provides two interesting options for offline scenarios where your machine or media server should not be connected to internet. Either a Serial Key (.aks) file can be downloaded from our website and copied to your offline machine, or otherwise we also propose now an (optional) license dongle, available as an option through your local distributor or in our online shop.

If you need more information about MediaMaster 6 Licensing or upgrading license with dongle, you can follow the link here.

License Dongle

ArKaos License Dongle for MediaMaster

A license dongle can directly be activated within MediaMaster, by moving your active license or by entering an activation code previously purchased. This operation is irreversible, so please make sure you are more comfortable using a license dongle! The big benefit is that your license will always be with you, you can plug and activate any machine, and you will never need to connect to the internet anymore.

Tip : Our license dongles are hot swappable ! It means that for a show, you could prepare two media servers running MediaMaster in demo mode, start the show on one server and if something unexpected happens you could just unplug your dongle and plug it in your second server and continue your show with a minimal interruption. For this extra safeness, all you need is one license stored on a license dongle.

Backup License

MediaMaster also introduces the concept of a backup license. For every MediaMaster 4 and later version license you own, you have the option to buy one backup license for a reduced price to activate a second machine. This backup license is fully functional and gives you greater flexibility if you have to work on two different machines.

Tip : It is also possible to move both your main license and your backup license to two license dongles if you often need to commute between two places and activate offline media servers.

We expect this new license system will provide additional flexibility so that all users will get a nicer experience with MediaMaster and make software activation a more intuitive process for everyone.

Hardware info

You can transfer the license of MediaMaster to this empty license dongle as an alternative to the online activation. Use it to activate instantly any machine running MediaMaster and compatible with your license, just by plugging the dongle.

Note: You can not transfert a license rental of MediaMaster Pro to a dongle.


License Dongle

Size (HxLxD) 100 × 30 × 20 mm
Weight 0.25 kg
Price 120 € (without VAT)

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