Layer fixtures

A Layer fixture corresponds to one layer. If you want to use n video layers in MediaMaster Pro, you have to create n fixtures on your DMX console.

You can control up to 48 visual layers in MediaMaster Pro, depending on your requirements and the number of DMX channels available on your console.

Download PDF Click the PDF icon to download the full fixtures description table (extract from the PDF user guide in your software installation folder or printed in your software box).

To accommodate to various situations, ArKaos MediaMaster provides several Layer fixtures:

  • Layer Full: the complete fixture
    All existing parameters for video layers are accessible through this fixture: visual & effect selection, dimmer, position, rotation, scaling, tiling, movie loop, etc. This fixture uses up to 68 DMX channels.
  • Layer Tiny: a smaller fixture using 20 DMX channels
  • Layer Mini: a really small fixture using only 4 DMX channels

Master fixtures

The Master Fixture enables MediaMaster main display parameters control.

To accommodate to various situations, ArKaos MediaMaster provides two Master fixtures:

  • Master Full: the complete Master fixture
    It includes Brightness/Contrast, Led Merger controls and Mask selection. This fixture uses 22 DMX channels
  • Master Mini:
    Includes Brightness/Contrast control and Mask selection and uses 3 DMX channels

Fixtures downloads

You can download MediaMaster Fixtures for your lighting desk from the table below, if you have any question, remark, request or idea about how to use these Fixtures or how they can be improved, please contact our support.

Remark: lighting desks supporting MSEx/CITP will display thumbnail previews from MediaMaster Pro.


Model MSEx/CITP Fixture  
Mentor not supported not supported ADB Phoenix
Mentor XT not supported not supported
Phoenix 2/XT not supported not supported
Phoenix 5/XT not supported not supported
Phoenix 10/XT not supported not supported
Freedom not supported not supported
Liberty not supported not supported


Model MSEx/CITP Fixture  
Azure shadow not supported Download
Pearl 2010 not supported Download
Pearl Tiger not supported Download
Pearl Expert not supported Download
Diamond 4 Vision not supported Download
Diamond 4 Elite not supported Download
Sapphire Touch supported not supported
Expert Pro  supported not supported
Titan touch Pro supported not supported
Titan Mobile supported not supported


Model MSEx/CITP Fixture  
MaqicQ MQ40 supported Download
MaqicQ MQ50 supported Download
MaqicQ MQ60 supported Download
MaqicQ MQ70 supported Download
MaqicQ MQ100 Expert supported Download
MaqicQ MQ 100 Pro supported Download
MaqicQ MQ 200 Pro supported Download
MaqicQ MQ 300 Pro supported Download
MaqicQ PC supported Download


Model MSEx/CITP Fixture  
Vector Red supported Download
Vector Blue supported Download
Vector Green supported Download
Vector Orange (Lite) supported Download
Vector Violet supported Download
Vector PC supported Download
Dlite 96 not supported Download
Dlite 72 not supported Download
Dlite 48 not supported Download
Dlite Compact not supported Download
Dlite PC not supported Download
Micron not supported Download
Spark 4D not supported Download
Ovation 4D not supported Download


Model MSEx/CITP Fixture  
EOS supported Built-in
ION supported Built-in
CONGO supported Download
CONGO JR supported Download

MA Lighting

Model MSEx/CITP Fixture  
grandMA full-size not supported Download
grandMA light not supported Download
grandMA ultra-light not supported Download
grandMA micro not supported Download
grandMA pico not supported Download
grandMA onPC not supported Download
grandMA2 full-size supported Download
grandMA2 light supported Download
grandMA2 ultra-light supported Download

HighEnd / Flying Pig

Model MSEx/CITP Fixture  
Wholehog 3 not supported Link Flying Pig wholehog
Road Hog Full Boar not supported Link
Road Hog not supported Link
Hog 3 PC not supported Link
I PC not supported Link
Hog 4 not supported Link
Hog 4 Full Boar not supported Link
Road Hog 4 not supported Link
Hog 4 PC not supported Link
Nano Hog not supported Link


Model MSEx/CITP Fixture  
Clarity Control System supported Built-in LSC maXim
maXim not supported Download


Model MSEx/CITP Fixture  
Maxxyz not supported Link Martin Maxxyz
Maxxyz Compact not supported Link
Maxxyz PC not supported Link
Light Jockey 2 not supported Download
M2GO supported not supported
M2PC supported not supported
M1 supported not supported


Model MSEx/CITP Fixture  
Frog 2 not supported Download Zero88 Orb
Jester ML not supported Download
Jester TL not supported Download
Jester TL Xtra not supported Download
Leap Frog 48 not supported Download
Leap Frog 96 not supported Download
Lighting Factory not supported Download
Orb not supported Download