The Stadium Server is the most powerful and versatile of the ArKaos Media Server Product Line designed for Professional Lighting Designer

Plug and Play Simplicity

  • Access to a vast library of high quality digital media from the world’s best visual content providers
  • Comes installed with MediaMaster Pro

Smart Design

  • Full-option media server
  • Runs full HD video on up to six EDID managed outputs
  • Two HD-SDI inputs standard – upgradable to 4x HD-SDI and 2x DVI
  • Large LED strip for quick visual feedback on the server’s state of operation at any time
  • Front display allows use of server without the need of additional screens
  • Fast recovery system by Acronis allows extremely simple reset from the boot menu
  • Pre-configured to work directly with all market-leading DMX lighting desks

Blistering Performance

  • Shock-resistant up to 2G
  • Easy access to fans and filters
  • Thoroughly tested in structural strength, and toleration of heat and vibration
  • Totally road-ready

Technical informations

I/O Specifications


Interface output 1 (DVI) *
Output 6 (DVI) **
EDID Management Yes
Input (Standard) 2 x HD-SDI
Input (Upgrade) Up to 4 x HD-SDI & 2 x DVI
Output resolution 6 x full HD
DMX- 5- pin connectors Yes
Genlock No
Framelock No
USB 4 x USB 3.0 +
2 x USB 2
Balanced audio in/out (XLR) Yes
Network 2




System Drive M.2 100 Gb
Data Drive M.2 350 Gb
Sequential Read Speed 3,500 MB/s




Operating System Windows 10
MediaMaster Pro
CuePlayer (in Theatre mode) Yes
LED Mapper Yes
Kling-Net Mapper Yes
Video Mapper Yes
Acronis Backup System Yes
Playback layers 36
Soft-Edge / Geometrical Correction Yes




Control Display (front panel) Yes
LED Strip (front panel) Yes
DMX / MIDI / Keyboard Yes
ArtNet / MA-Net Yes




#Threads (cores) 16(32)
Type DDR4
Voltage 107-240V auto switching
Professional Connectors Yes




Unit Size (HxLxD) 176x426x510 mm
Unit Weight 25 Kg
Boxed Size (HxLxD) 340x580x680 mm
Boxed Weight 30 Kg


* Can be converted to VGA & HDMI, connectors not provided
** Can be converted to HDMI, connectors not provided