NOXX² Antwerp completes its redesign with two ArKaos Stage servers driving video on a 30 square meters 3D sculpture and a 300 square meters LED ceiling.

Five years have gone by since NOXX² Antwerp first opened its doors to the public in September 2007, five years making history, making of NOXX² one of the biggest clubs in Belgium, Europe even. Home of the best DJ’s and events, NOXX² is also a stylish venue which can accommodate up to 2500 clubbers in five different areas.

Keeping up with the best clubs in the world, NOXX² is constantly improving. The management recently decided to renew the design of the Main Room with a spectacular 3D mapping projection driven by an ArKaos Stage media server. They also switched to another ArKaos Stage server for displaying visuals on the LED Web that covers the entire ceiling.

When entering the redesigned Main Room, your eyes will almost immediately point to the massive 3D sculpture, which forms the body for the revolutionary 3D mapping projection, unique in the Belgian club scene. Built right above the DJ booth, the huge 3D shape is composed of more than 80 surfaces animated with custom content designed by Konstruktiv.

The new Video Mapper extension, running on a dedicated ArKaos Stage media server, allowed fast and easy setup of the various animations on each surface with pixel-precise alignment. Thanks to MediaMaster Pro, the club operator can also quickly program new visuals directly from the lighting desk - a GrandMA2 Full Size - such as texts and animated logos that will be projected on the sculpture during special events or just to make every night unique.

Then if you look above, you will be amazed by the 300 square meters Colour Web turning the whole ceiling into a giant LED screen. It is comprised of more than 120 DMX universes and was easily programmed into the club’s GrandMA2 from a second ArKaos Stage server running MediaMaster Pro with the LED Mapper extension.

“We have found that ArKaos’ new Stage server is the perfect solution for our club, they are affordable, fast, reliable and easy to manage” says NOXX² General Manager Bart Clerckx.

A fabulous entrance hall surrounded by mirrors, four different themed areas, a terrazza, a champagne bar in the ladies room, an amazing light show including 3D projection mapping and a full LED ceiling in the Main Room, a massive Funktion One sound system in Aura ... You name it, NOXX² has it.