Fabri Fibra, one of the most popular Italian rappers of the moment, is touring Italy from June to September and will probably restart the tour in the fall. He is presenting live to his large audience the greatest hits of his repertoire, along withs songs from his new album "Guerra e Pace", long at the top of the Italian charts. On this new tour, Fabri Fibra's team brings an ArKaos Stage server to add a visual dimension to the live show. 

His concert is a very accurate show in the choice of the playlist and scenery that sees the passing of graphics and innovative visual treated by the rapper himself during his last studio work.
This engaging "On The Road" is based on a large ledwall as backdrop and on the top line of the stage, on two cubes, whose sides are covered by LED screens, for the DJ desk and the live choreography.

The  ArKaos Stage Server was chosen to control the continuous flow of images and videos - inspired, like the last album (gold record with over 30,000 copies sold) to the Italian neorealist cinema and literature and characterized by contents at times psychedelic and strong colour contrasts (very present white and black) - 

Provided by Lombardi Service, the ArKaos Stage Server makes it possible to manage all the screens in real time and, thanks to the new Video Mapper tool, separately control the visuals on each LED Wall to display particularly strong effects that contribute to the remarkable impact that this new tour is having all over Italy, only two years after the previous one. All along this tour, the ArKaos Stage server proves to be a solution that stands out for its reliability, practicality and functionality.