This year was the 15th edition of the Beach Weekend at Loenhout, near Antwerp in Belgium. The party was a big success, gathering more that 10.000 visitors over three days to dance and listen to the mixes of the best DJ's from Belgium and the rest of the world.

ArKaos was also at the party.. with a media server running MediaMaster Pro and the Video Mapper as single solution to control video and lighting.

Thanks to the Video Mapper, only a few minutes were necessary to send the visuals output from MediaMaster Pro to the 26 Aoto video panels on each side of the stage. The same server was also outputting to the 180 P25 Kling-Net strips that were mapped to create a huge light tunnel around the DJ booth.

Having this whole setup managed by one single system made it very convenient to have live control on all visual effects from the the grandMA lighting desk and it helped to create an immersive experience for the visitors.

The new output selection system in MediaMaster Pro 3 allows the operator to be able to switch between all different outputs, and see them as one big image or all separated, making it easy to frequently renew the visual ambiance during such three days party.

Setup: L&L Stage Service
Design: Flip Kenis
Customer: Chiro Loenhout