2011 is the 20th anniversary of The Tresor in Berlin and "the mother of all techno clubs" has celebrated the New Year's Eve with another amazing installation by "The Core.”, their lighting and visual department.

In the 20.000sqm backspace of the club at Heizkraftwerk Mitte, Rick Kay and Tofa from "The Core." created a perfect matching concept by setting up two huge scaled mapping-projections in the hotspot combined to a very impressive lighting-show that turned the venue into a highlight of visual arts for the visitors.

Chilled music from TV Victor and pushing beats from John Hester completed the show into another dimension.

In the future, the hall will be a part of the club and open for selected special-events over the year.

Tofa explains:
“We worked with to computers next to each other - both running GrandVJ - going out separately on two 12K projectors with 1.2 lenses to cover the hotspot of the venue from two perspectives.

We needed a fast and effective masking method because we only had one day to make the setup, so we worked with flash-stills and animations which made it easy to get a perfect image on all pillars, even on the single ones in the back.

With its MIDI-controlled Luma settings, Edge Detect filters and Scroller settings, GrandVJ was the perfect choice to enter the new year! Add some moving-lights and an industrial dry-ice machine and you get a minimalistic setup but which is still very strong visually.”