Tsinghua University is a famous school of higher education in China, ranked as the first or second best university in mainland China in most national and international rankings. It is located in west side Beijing, surrounded by beautiful sceneries.

The university is well known in China for its famous alumni, such as the President Hu Jingtao, the Nobel Price winner Dr. Yang Zhenning and many other scientists and writers.

The year 2011 was the centennial anniversary for Tsinghua and a ceremony was organized on April 24th in Beijing, where most of the chinese political leaders showed.

Mr. Sha Xiaolan, famous lighting & stage designer from China, contributed to the celebration by setting up a huge stage with an amazing visual show driven by ShowPower's MTL media servers running ArKaos MediaMaster Pro.

It was the first time Mr. Sha used these new MTL servers and he has been impressed by their powerful capability, he installed no less than twelve of these media servers and eight beamers to cover the 150 meters long projection area.

ShowPower's MTL servers proved to deliver a great performance on these huge screens, with ArKaos MediaMaster Pro playing 3D animations and beautiful visuals that amazed the audience.