All throughout the Christmas holidays, the majestic medieval tower of the city of Collioure in France has served as a canvas for an impressive video mapping show put together by the production team of Keroscene with the support of ESL France and Arkaos technology.

The show, entitled “Couleurs Collioure”, or “The Colors of Collioure”, entails the impressive technical exploit of displaying nine sequences of video over a period of 17 minutes, video-mapped over a surface of more than 500sqm with two 20.000 lumen projectors, all ran through an ArKaos PRO Studio Server.

The projection ran several times every day during the winter holiday period, to the enchantment of thousands of tourists that visit Collioure every year at this magical time.

The full range of ArKaos PRO software and hardware is available in France through our official distributor ESL France. For more information access their website here.