International superstar and rock violinist David Garrett is currently touring Europe with the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt for his Rock Anthems Tour, a new show where visuals take an important part to support and enhance the spectacular live act from the violin virtuoso.

Each of the tour's 30 shows gather an intergenerational crowd between 10 000 and 15 000 listeners to which David presents his choice of songs and anthems arranged for the violin, such as Live and Let Die, Highway to Hell or Let it Be.

Lighting Designer Geert Vanhout was in charge of designing the show and, together with Show Operator Olivier Demoustier which was responsible for the media server setup, they chose to use ArKaos MediaMaster systems to run all the video on the tour.

“MediaMaster is very efficient at keeping latency to a minimum - which is extremely important for us as we are working with multiple setups of live feeds on this show - and that's why we've been preferring MediaMaster on all other systems”, explains Olivier Demoustier. “It basically lets you plug as many input cards as you wish! Even on our quad HD-SDI inputs media server we had LESS THAN 2 FRAMES delay, so in total with the other server we had just under 4 frames latency on the whole system.”

Geert Vanhout designed a 26m wide by 11m high video wall as background for the stage, and the whole décor (risers, towers and stairs) on stage was covered with PRG30 leds.

 Olivier Demoustier setup a media server running ArKaos MediaMaster Pro to feed the LED walls with a mix of custom made content and images from the four live feeds coming from a Barco FSN video mixer. He also used a second media server with ArKaos MediaMaster to send moving keys directly to the FSN mixer.

“MediaMaster also allows easily creating very nice effects by using mask / keys / and soft edge PIP’s over the live feeds in combination with the custom made content that was created by Prismax especially for the show.” adds Olivier.

The whole system was controlled with an chamsys MQ300 and almost the complete 3 hours show was timecoded, with a total of more than 3500 cue's.

Olivier concludes “Because the whole show was on Time Code, we could play with very exact changes in content and stay in sync with the live feeds.”

Technical setup

  • Back video wall: DMT Led Pixel Mesh Screens P-25 Smd Pro (26 x 11 m)
  • Décor video: (custom shaped towers and stairs) PRG30
  • Lighting Desk : ChamSys MQ300
  • Media Server 1: ArKaos MediaMaster, 4 HD-SDI in, 1 HDMI in, 4 Analog (PAL) in, 1+2 DVI out
  • Media Server 2: ArKaos MediaMaster small system sending moving Key’s to the Barco FSN video mixer
  • Barco FSN video mixer with 2 operated cameras, 2 hotheads and 5 fixed cameras


  • Show: David Garrett
  • LD : Geert Vanhout
  • Operator: Olivier Demoustier